Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I don't know how many days I have spent pulling out strands of burlap creating these lacy grids. In way it's very therapeutic, but also very messy, lots of fibers floating around and sticking to pants, shirts and carpet. I began placing them on the background, adjusting placement and adding other pieces as I went. I then stitched the whole thing together, making more adjustments and figureing out the next layer in my head - how I would add more depth to the piece.

I created the "face" piece and the "hand" piece also using the burlap and but also added dyed cheesecloth and yarn. I'm enjoying the color interplay and I think the next additions will really make the piece work the way I want it to.

In my piece I hope the "turning the corner" message can be seen and all the other parts that that come along as we move forward. Somehow I think when many people think about bringing along your past, that it's a bad thing that has to be overcome. But for me I think I've had mostly good, positive experiences and it's a happy past I'm bringing to this exciting new phase in my life.

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