Monday, March 9, 2009

2nd quarter final project

We were able to do anything we wanted for our final project. Michael mentioned that an installation piece might be something to consider and having never done something on that scale, I considered the possibilities.

I had taken a photo of some raindrops hanging on a wire grid chair last summer and had recently pasted the photo in my sketch book wanting to do something with the grid idea. The "hanging on" of the raindrops became "hold on" and then the final theme "holding onto and letting go" for my final project.

I was thinking of all the types of things we hang onto - friends, relationships, things, ideas, and the things we let go of - friends, relationships, things, ideas. How sometimes we hang onto these item too long because we don't know what's next and sometimes we freely let go of these items because it's best for us or best for what we're letting go of.

I thought I would use my friend burlap again because it's cheap and takes the dye well. I hoped to hang the burlap panels at angles to each other, sort of like how the chairs were casually placed when I saw them with the raindrops. I thought I would cut holes or windows in the fabric that I would insert "pictures" depicting hanging onto and letting go. Hands seemed to be a logical symbol to use for many of the stories or vignettes I would portray.

The bottom photo is the three, four-by-ten foot burlap panels I dyed two Saturdays ago drying on the driveway.

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