Monday, March 9, 2009

My final project - the parts

How many of us have hung onto someone too long, clinging to their shirt tails just because letting go is so scary. We finally get so tired, loose our grip and float to despair/reality... Finally we recover, find ourselves stronger, ready to move on to the next challenge whatever it is, unafraid.

I really like this one, so simple but yet... Creativity, we can keep a tight hold and not let ourselves explore, choke off and kill what we most want to have. But we learn to let go, just "do" for the sake of "doing" - the process is all that's necessary to let us find peace.

Sometimes we hold on so hard to something, we don't let it breathe or grow. Taking a chance and letting go allows things/people to grow. It isn't always easy (usually not) but finally letting go lets us take the deep breath we need.

This one is pretty simple, holding hands, together with someone you care about. What goes wrong? You drift apart, many times not really understanding until years later.

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