Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Final 50

I'm way behind on posting, so I'll probably skip a lot just to get caught up.

The 50 collages. Practically everyone had 50 collages done! (or close enough). Well wack me in the head! I was so wrong about this, these people are obsessed with completion! They either have more time or work much faster than I do at putting things together. I'll show some photos of classmate's work, but unfortunately a photo with 50 items in it doesn't show very well in the small format of this site, but many of them I really liked and thought were very well done. I applaud them all,

I'll start with my own. My theme for the first collage project was "what would an echo look like." I was thinking of hearing the sound and how would I interpret it in shape and sound. Out of the 50 sketches I did, I picked a few to do in real materials, a few of them with photos cut from magazines, but I didn't like them much, so I won't waste the space here.

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