Monday, January 26, 2009

Self Portrait in 5

Objective: Create a series of 5 small works that function as an unconventional self-portrait. Each of the five parts should address one aspect of your sense of self -- either physical, mental, emotional or otherwise.

Here we go again, our 3rd assignment - self portraits. Unlike last quarter which our self portraits were suppose to be life size, these can be smaller (at least 6" x 6" x 6"), but there are 5, but to me that also means we can do 5 aspects of ourselves and I think easier, they don't have to all run together into one large piece, but just need to relate to each other.

I've decided to make my portraits of me at work, where I sometimes feel like a machine. Although it's a creative job which I like very much (if I have to work for money that is). but I also feel that much of the time I just crank it out and on to the next thing that needs to be done. I also have many different tasks that call on different skills. The variety helps keep away some of the sameness of any job, and I have the different skills, but sometimes there are a lot of different directions to take, it all needs to get done, and it gets a bit overwhelming.

I have decided to use metal for this project since it seems more machine like. I don't have any metal working skills to speak of so I will be relying on glue and nuts and bolts to make most of this happen.

Photos from top:
The first is "hand" it's mechanical, some of the work I do can be done in my sleep it's so automatic. The circles are under the index finger, the mouse click apparatus.

Next is "layout" almost everything I do is on a grid, the computer likes to line things up. You can flow outside and intermingle in the grid, but it's still a grid...

Middle is "production" the pieces given to me come in and I put it together and it comes out the other side. There isn't much difference in something that has 50,000 copies made or 5, They're pretty much the same as far as the construction.

Next is "paycheck" need I say more? I need to make a living and pay the bills. It's the best job I have ever had, but would I rather spend my time doing other things?

Last is "crazy" I have up to 100 people who ask me to do projects for them. Their project is important to them, they have no idea what else I have going on and sometimes I get really backlogged. What to do I do? Internally my eyes spin around, my head explodes and I tell them "yes, I can do that" with a smile on my face.

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