Monday, January 12, 2009

Not 50

Class is tomorrow and I don't have 50 collages done. I have 50 sketches done and 15 collage/assemblies done. I took what I thought were the best ideas from the 50 sketches I did and worked with them. I used some burlap and parts left over from last quarter's class and picked up some parts from outside (sticks, stones, moss) and put them together with cardboard and other backing material, adding color on some of them using watercolor paint. The pieces I did using fabric, because of the sewing, took longer that they would if I had done a paper collage stuck together with glue, but I think they provided more information to me for future work. I concentrated on doing more paper collages at the end, so I could explore as many ideas as possible. I wish I could have completed more of them, but time was short as always and life also needs time.

It will be interesting to see how many my classmates get done, and what they come up with for a theme. (There's always that question in the back of your head wondering if if what you're doing is completly wrong.) I'm sure most will have more finished pieces than I do, I suspect a couple will have all 50 done.

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