Saturday, September 6, 2008

They were artists

I started carrying my sketch/idea book with me everywhere. Lunches started to be time just for me; time to think, see and sketch. I also thought that I needed to find some more like-minded people to surround myself with. I kept thinking back to that community of weaver I had back in college. It was energizing to have other creative people around me.

The easiest thing to do was join the Seattle Weavers Guild. I thought to my self that this may not be the best group for me -- what if all they do is weave patterns? I started going to the meetings; the programs, even if they didn't directly relate to what I was doing, always gave me something to consider for my own work. The talent, variety, and depth of knowledge of the people I met was amazing, yes, many of them wove patterns, but they used wonderful colors, their technique was flawless, and they used fibers so thin, that if I used the same, I would surely go mad. They were artists.

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