Friday, September 5, 2008

Wishing and Wanting

I want my art to be a prominent part of my life.

After graduating from college with a BFA in fibers (over 25 years ago). I moved to Seattle, got a job as a graphic artist, and saved my money to get my own loom. I continued to do some weaving, but gradually other aspects of life took over (you all know the excuses) and my loom became this very large and heavy piece of furniture which got moved from place to place.

Thinking about and wanting to weave, wasn’t weaving. If I wanted to think of myself as an artist, I actually had to produce something. (Well, duh!) The time was never going to be enough, the space to work in was never going to be perfect. Slowly moving forward, if that was all it could be, was better than not at all.

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