Monday, October 13, 2008

School starts

Our first class in the Fiber Art Certificate Program started September 9. We all brought a piece of art to help introduce us to the class. There was quite a variety of techniques and processes represented - collage, knitting, quilting, felting, basketry and at least one other weaver than myself.

After introductions we got into small groups and discussed preconceptions and assumptions about cloth, textiles, fiber arts and visual art in general. There was talk of it being "female" and "craft" rather than "real art." I guess I concentrated on the word "fiber arts" which I guess I don't really feel falls into those stereotypes, maybe because I feel more like and artist and not a craft person, I don't draw the same conclusions? There will probably be more to say on that later.

Our assignment, besides doing a lot of writing in our journals was to create a piece that takes one of the assumptions or stereotypes and construct a work that undermines it. While at work the next day I sketched out a few ideas using metal and went to the hardware store after work to purchase some materials, all while coming down with this hideous cold. It's amazing how much energy gets zapped by a stupid cold. I did what I could while getting everything done at work and getting ready for a week in New England - a vacation planned a long time before deciding to take this class.

So, I'm not exactly starting out well in this plan to go to school. The first project is undone, a missed class, and now trying to guess at what the second assignment is by looking at the syllabus. Hopefully I'll be more in control of my time from now on.

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