Saturday, October 25, 2008

The third project - again

I think I solve or figure out what to do too fast. I come up with a solution and go forward with it, instead of reflecting, working through other potential solutions.

This may be because of my work as a graphic designer with always too much to do. A lot of it is production work, just get it done and move onto the next project. Even the larger projects get done quickly. Give me the pieces, and I'll put something together for you. I'm really good at taking the pieces or parts of the pieces and making something out of it. There's very little time to reflect or thinking on how to make it better - if it does the job, great! - move on to the next job.

It's also a hassle and time-consuming to get people to redo or edit the writing or change a horible photo, so I take what I get and make it work, usually scrunching things in, rarely adding white space.

I need to slow down and think things through, examine my choices and see if they are the best they can be.

SLOW DOWN ---- but it's hard when there's a deadline and you think you won't get done.

In the past when I have recieved comments after I'm rolling along on my solution, I'm annoyed or bummed out, I just want to get it done! There's more work waiting! But if I stop and think about this new suggestion, many or most of the time the project turns out better.

I need to remember that.

Starting again on the inner tube project will only bring a better result.

I need to listen to myself, to find me.

I've been doing design for other people for so long. Even when I'm weaving, I feel like I'm doing it for unknown people - my client that doesn't exist or a gallery show that also doesn't exist.

I need to make art that feels right for me.

I know I love color.

I love color gradations.

I love the softnes of fiber.

I love making cloth out of individual fibers.

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