Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2 week class review

Last night we were in groups of four reviewing the work of our classmates.

I wasn't part of the team that reviewed Sally's basket, but I wish I was because it was maybe my favorite of the night.

I was in on Debra's review, she had a whole thing going with renewal, spring and life. I should be able to say more, but last night seems like a week ago. I was quite intrigued with what was a felt layer that she said she stitched leaf shapes and then took a torch to it. The result was a really nice lace effect that was really organic and lichen-like. It had a lot of depth and nice colors, but I couldn't get past the baby chick fuzzy yellow on the top layer or that it was stretched over a form and is supposed to be framed, it seemed so "contained." Does putting a frame around it make it more like "art?"

I briefly talked to Karin about her quilting, didn't really quiz her about concept or anything, but I liked what I saw, the colors were mature and gorgeous. When she gets on that sewing machine, she really rocks.

More class work to come when I get the photos fixed.

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