Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2 week weaving continued again

I've started warping the loom last night -- still on schedule to get my project done for next week. These are the dyeing photos from the weekend. The top one is a small part of the warp dyed, this it the "letting in the light" part, Hopefully it will line up where I need it to when it's woven.

This is the top half of the warp dyed, this is what got done on Saturday. You may notice some plastic type pieces tied around the warp, this was to prevent the dye from spreading to far in that part; sort of like tie-dye.

When the warp was completely dyed it got hung up outside in front of the garage so all the neighbors could look at it. It also hangs outside until it stops dripping so it could come inside the nice warm house to dry.

The bottom photo is the weft dyed. For this project I wound four strands of yarn around large pvc pipe so I can dip it in the dye and get one long gradation for each strand of yarn. This should create the gradations of the "blinds" that I'm trying to incorporate. I really like how these came out, they may not work out as planned for this project, but they sure have me thinking about doing something with this idea for the next one.

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