Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time | Sharing

We have two weeks to do this assignment in two parts. The first part is "create a work of art that is conceptually centered around the theme of 'time'. Consider time and its effects on how we think, live, work, create culture in our lives, etc. This could also branch out to themes centered around traditions, history, past, present or future. Time as an abstract notion should be your focus, think about how it is connected to your choice in materials and subject matter."

Then after finishing this part in one week, we're going to give our projects away, and will receive a project in return. And this project we receive will be the starting point for the other half of the assignment. This whole process sounds like a lot of fun, what will the person receiving think of my project and materials and what will I get to work with?

So on to the first part. I'm always complaining about lack of time (along with so many others). There's never enough time to do the things I have in my head, not even when I try to narrow my focus and only consider what I think to be most important.

Hence the "cage" I built out of this metal grid mesh which I think is suppose to be fencing material. It wasn't fun to cut out the pieces, I have the blisters to prove it, fiber is much more forgiving. I then took this gray fabric and ripped it into strips that I tied into knots, representing stopping/decision/frustration points. This is suppose to represent my brain, there is too much to do/think/figure out so it's overflowing its container.

Within the "brain" there are also items that represent the parts of my life or what I think about. These won't show to the viewer, because they don't always get talked about or shown to the outside. They're my secret and of course the person I share my project with will find them when they pull it apart to make the second project. I wonder what they'll think?

I can't quite explain the burning part. I just new I wanted to set it on fire, not to destroy it, but to maybe show a giving up on some activities so make room for what is most important and maybe then everything will fit into the box. Or maybe I wanted to have a bit of a performance piece if only for a few minutes and let the neighbors wonder what was now happening over in #116.

I wished I could have figured out a way for my little sculpture to stand on it's point. I wanted to show some kind of tension in all of this or maybe how we can balance all of the parts in our lives. But I am not a metal smith or know about fabricating, so I ended up making a simple stand for it to rest in while standing on its point.

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