Monday, February 9, 2009

The 2 week weaving is done

It is off the loom and I'm tying ends, but it is not ready to hang so I would not exactly call it finished, but good enough to evaluate. I like parts of it. I also see what else can be done and what is possible, but over-all it needs work, I can see where I went wrong and I can also see where my dyeing technique needs to improve.


In creating the dyed pattern, I thought that it would be boring to have large areas of the same color. I wanted more depth to the piece so I started dyeing the warp in gradations of color from the outside in. On top of that was going to go a subtle gradation of the same color to mimic the gradation of the window blinds, but in weaving the two together I see that I have too much going on. It’s distracting. It is more distracting in the green area than the blue area on the bottom.

The weft gradation dyeing that I loved so much wrapped on the pvc pipe ended up sometimes being dyed on only one side of the yarn. Although they were in the dye bath for quite a long time, I think they were wound so tight the dye couldn't penetrate through, so I ended up with white streaks where there should have been dark blue, adding to the busyness of the piece.

In trying to dye just one small area -- the bright yellow oranges, where the "light was shining through" I was not careful enough and dyed too large of an area so there is a lot of the orange mixing with the dark green. Some of this seeping is would be kind of interesting, but there is so much of it. I see that is possible to dye, or paint a certain area with dye and have that be the design, the subject of the work, I just need to be more careful. I also need to plan for the "accidents" that will happen and let them happen in the most pleasing way.


I think I had a solid concept, something good to explore. I thought about it, kept revising it in my sketchbook, but I rushed when I got to the dyeing part of the execution and made decisions without thinking them totally through. I also needed experience and more practice exploring dyeing techniques to get what is in my head to the yarn. How can I make it more accurate?

I like the idea of the piece. I like that there is a technical challenge in the painting or dyeing of the fibers. I also like the excitement of starting to weave and put it all together. Have I dyed the parts so they end up in the right place? Will the colors in the warp and weft mix well together? I want to continue exploring this dye/painting idea.

I also like the strong colors, some of it is probably the newness of these acid dyes which I have only begun to use, but on the other hand I also think it is time to refine my palette. I think the total color of this piece is too dark. If I lighten up the colors I use and try not to be so dramatic, the colors will achieve something more sophisticated, more depth and richness in a more subtle way. The dyeing "accidents" which are going to happen will probably blend more pleasingly with softer colors.

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