Monday, February 23, 2009

Studio Visit

Our class was invited to our fall quarter instructor's studio. I certainly wanted to go, wondering if she had the kind of place I could only dream of, and of course it was.

On arrival we were met by the studio dog. He was suppose to stay outside, but what fun is that when there's a comfy rug to lay on and lots of women to pat him on the head.

The main floor was huge, many square feet of space to spread out and lots of wall space to hang works. Layne said she waited 7 years before the studio was built. During that time she made many notes, envisioned all the processes she would do and what space they would require, plus visiting other studios to find out what others did.

Layne - sorry about the bad photo! We all had a great time sharing our winter quarter projects with Layne and hearing her thoughts. I think we all were remembering fall quarter and have been missing her insightful comments and helpful suggestions.

Yes, there's also an upstairs.

Also a "kitchen" type area with a large utility sink and more space to work. There was also room for a large table of food and wine where many classmates gathered toward the end of the day.

What's a fiber artist studio with out a collection of scissors?

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