Monday, November 3, 2008

Assembly of the rubber band project

So there I am at the dinning room table with rubber bands and "rows" of rubber inner tubes ready to add on and "grow" the project. My stapler and I sit and add colored rubber bands, using it as my "paint" to decorate the canvas. I'm creating a linear design from bottom to top which should represent the emotions and feeling of riding a bicycle. I'm also trying to use the bands to their max in creating different patterns to represent these feelings. I couldn't just keep making squiggles, I needed to add some texture and use the colors to represent the emotional sections.

I think I was fairly successful creating the project I intended. Part of me thinks the surface is very busy and the areas are not as pronounced as one would like, but on the other hand I wanted the surface to have lots of color - empty space is not something I'm good at, again maybe my graphic arts work; always trying to jam too much text into too small of a space.

Photo: detail of project

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