Sunday, November 2, 2008

Class discussion

I'm a little bit behind here, ill health is slowing me down. I wrote a bunch of stuff in my art log book, but I'll have to shorten it all to get the text up to speed with real time.

I went to class last Tuesday with my work in progress in tow. I'm never really sure where class is going to go, but I had the feeling I really didn't want comments on my project. I was far enough along that I didn't want to start again or feel like I should. I also felt pretty confident on where I was going with it. But class started and we chatted about the things/shows many had seen (how did they have time? I barely have time to get to work and work on my project). Finally Lyane asked who had items in progress that could be put up on a wall, not many raised their hands and I also thought, why am I here except to learn? I should welcome all comments, consider them and decide what path to take, I need to hear what others have to say and especially from our instructor, after all she has the experience and probably has seen almost everything after teaching many years.

So up went the projects on the wall. First was the bead and glue thing, which I really like, it's light and has a "growing" energy about it. There was lots of discussion on what she should consider and where she should go with it. Part of me thinks she should have a better idea of where she's going at this point, but it's kind of fun to think of where I would take this project if it were mine.

My project was next and there wasn't a bunch of comment, maybe because I wasn't asking for a lot of comment and maybe they felt my "confidence" or I knew where I was going with it. I considered some of the comments, but some I thought were way of of left field, plus I noticed many of the more vocal of the comment makers had nothing to show at this point. Did they not have clue what they were doing? were they done already? was it too much work to haul it in? Some how I think these excuses were not it and maybe some people are better at talking than doing.

Photo: detail of project

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