Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scrap collage

The paper/magazine picture/scrap item thing is not really doing it for me. Maybe working with paper and photos is too much like work, which I'm not really emotionally connected to. I'm just trying to fit stuff together in a pleasing way, usually a collage of photos is done because there isn't one nice photo that says what we're trying to say, so we make it up out of bunch of pictures.

I think fabric is a better way for me to go. I have some leftover yarn scraps and I have dye. I know I can probably make something rich and interesting with soft pliable items. I feel like I can be abstract, not literal like a photo telling my story directly but saying it with color, layers, and texture. I'm wondering if using photo transfer paper (which I've been playing with) and incorporating some photo-like items and photo textures violates the no photo rule for this project. I wouldn't be adding pictures to the collage by way of transfer paper, but it would add a different texture to the piece and add some reality and life to the collage.

But I guess before I really can begin is to ask some questions. Who am I? What do I have to say? Where am I in my life?

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