Saturday, November 29, 2008


Ok, there is too much stuff, it's too dense, too solid. Why dye all that pretty background to have none of it show? I'm taking the little squares of burlap apart, unweaving strands to make it more transparent, it will have a more obvious grid to it, but at least parts underneath will show through. It will still say what I want it to say, but with less.

I'm also getting rid of the photo transfer parts, I don't think they're going to fit in like I thought, I spent so much time on them! Getting the materials, finding the photos, printing them out, and then ironing and ironing. In fact, I created so much heat and pressure that I warped a Corian cutting board - yup, it's not flat anymore, wobbles and slides all over the place -- who knew? Thankfully I didn't do it right on the Corian counter-top, a cutting board I can replace, a whole counter top? I think not.

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