Friday, November 7, 2008

Class Invented Cloth Projects

Beads, glue and mono-filament. Probably on of my favorite pieces. From the beginning, her studies and practice pieces had the potential for something wonderful and I think she achieved it.

There are far to many projects to show here. I picked some that appealed to me; I'm not one to say what is "best." Also many of the ones not shown and some that are, the photo doesn't do the work justice. I tend to take photos of colorful flat pieces, that's just me. Ones that were talked about a lot, but aren't shown here were many; such as the "bra clothesline," a row of colorful bras strung out across the room, a long skinny piece with thread and corrugated cardboard - the detail which made the piece wouldn't show well, a fragile piece made with the seeds and fluff from milkweed pods, and other projects made with with corks, plastic strips, and leaves.

Ripped up old paintings, paper strips and garden netting. The fact that she destroyed old pantings to make something new, I think took a lot of courage. I think it came out rather nice, I hope she enjoyed the process. She talked about putting them into the woods to compost and documenting the decay.

The black cow - roofing paper. Many had a lot to say about this piece, although bold in a way that could not be ignored, I didn't think much of it.

Gauze and bandages. I thought there were many things to like about this project. I thought the colors and placement of items were nice, although the project on the whole missed in a few ways. She said she had not really thought about the "end" of the project and the backing was an after thought, duh... but I think with a little more experience and options, she could have found a way to complete this more successfully.

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