Friday, November 14, 2008


Since I'm exploring, I thought I would first try to do something of which I think of as "traditional" collage. I ripped pages out of magazines, went through the trash at work and found a few interesting items, and I also found my small stash of paper samples left over from work.

I sat down at the table and cut stuff out, put similar things in piles, tried to come up with something to "say" with what I had found. I thought I would do an Obama piece, but my scrap photos didn't fit together, things were out of scale. I ended up printing pictures off the internet and scaling them to what I wanted and then filling in with cut and torn paper. When I was through, it seemed kind of dumb, it had a message, but I really didn't feel connected to it.

I put together another paper collage with and old RFID electronic tracking tag and an embossed paper sample from work, and some torn magazine pages. Again I filled in with torn colored paper samples. I don't think it had much to say, but was visually more engaging, but the interesting parts were the colored paper textures, not the found collage items.

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