Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crafty Collage

I got a stack of books out of the library and went to a number of web sites. A lot of the books seemed rather "crafty" how to make interesting backgrounds and scrapbook pages, so that was a waste. There was one book ("Collage: Pasted, Cut, and Torn Papers" by Florian Rodari) about the history of collage starting way back with Picasso and Braque that were kind of interesting along with the social and political statements that came later. There was also the Rauschenburg pieces that I really liked, but couldn't see myself doing anything like that, it didn't feel like me. I probably best liked the Matisse stuff where there were simple colorful shapes cut out and placed on the page; that seemed more like me, maybe that was a way to go...

I also looked at web sites, some of the examples seemed kind of dumb to me, but many had a lot of color and texture to them, they could have been made of almost anything. I was mostly drawn in by the color, so if that's collage, maybe I could put something interesting together.

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