Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Collage - Ugh!

I don't really like collage. Can I say I hate it? I knew assignments like this were coming; and now here it is...

The assignment is "larger than life," we're suppose to make a self portrait. What do we want to say about ourselves, do some studies and go from there. I don't save bunches of stuff to make collage with, I don't hoard bits of stuff. We're also not suppose to use photos or words -- photos is what I do keep when documenting trips, stuff I've done, and projects.

Collage? It seems kind of simple, but it's not, so I'm shying away from it, I guess I don't know what to do. Am I frightened of this? that nothing comes to mind? Why do I think I hate this when I never really tried?

So much of what I've looked at seems wacky; weird stuff put together to have some great "meaning." Maybe I have nothing to say? Maybe I don't have enough angst to be an artist. Can a happy person be an artist? Can a person be an artist without having social and political views? Can things just be pretty? to first attract the viewer and then bring them in to a story? or do you first have to be perplexed and then find the big "meaning."

O.K. I'm just going to take some time with this, I'll do some research, look at some books and websites. I'll familiarize myself with this medium. I'll sit quietly... I'll think... I'll write...

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