Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Turning point

I'm going to show where I am in my life. Being in this class and at this time is a turning point for me -- at the crossroads -- turning a corner -- directing my future -- turning a page...

I'm thinking of having myself coming around a corner, maybe only half of my body showing. There can be stuff from the past on one side where I came from; how I came to be the person I am, where the shapes and colors came from, what feels right and what's important to me. And then show what may be my future on the other side, based on this "turning point." I need to show weaving/fiber art prominent on the "new me" side.

I'm thinking burlap might make a nice base. I can add things to it by sewing or un-weaving parts of it and reweaving colors back in to it. The burlap maybe a little coarse for my needs, but I guess I'd rather go that way than use something that is too slick.

I don't regularly keep a lot of little junk around, but I would like to add some pieces to represent details, added information, texture and depth along with some large colored areas.

The "past" will be the right side showing the places I have spent time. The farm with all it's square shaped fields, roads at right angles, and rows of crops. The color will mostly be greens. Other items maybe to add to this section would be things representing planting/gardening, maybe some yarns from the plant dyeing I did this fall.

Moving down the "page" the next section would have to be Seattle, blues and grays, and representing buildings, water, and where I have spent my whole work life.

Then the bottom wouldn't really be the past, maybe it would be more like the present that will move into the future. Happy colors - yellows and golds of California and other warm places that I've visited.

I want the "turning the corner" side to be sunny, happy, content, at peace with the what's to come. Instead of my face, I'll show a clock face (too obvious??), passage of time, the time in the past not well spent or time running out on what's important. There needs to be weaving and fiber arts shown - a hand - creativity. Maybe some open areas to represent what isn't known, parts to fill in, the future.

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