Monday, November 10, 2008

Larger than Life: a Collage

the final assignment: use the information and materials you have assembled from previous assignments for this work. Construct a collage that has as its central focus a portrait of your persona along with some aspect of the work you think of as most central to your studio practice.

materials: ephemera – found, gathered, accumulated, compiled, purchased or otherwise obtained and related materials necessary to convey what you ‘do’.

consider: Color and value, line and shape, balance, rhythm, texture, contrast, and harmony are some of the elements of a visual grammar. There are many other ways of thinking about how you develop the underlying visual structure of your work – some of which relate to the choice of materials used, the scale of the work

format: 2-D, at least life size, overall format and shape to be determined by the content and intent of your portrait.

ephem-er-a n
1. something that is transitory and without lasting significance.
2. a range of collectable items that were originally designed to be short-lived.

per-so-na n
1. an identity or role that somebody assumes.
2. the image of character and personality that somebody wants to show the outside world.

limits: Construct a larger-than-life portrait of yourself without using any photographic images or written language in the finished work. using colors, textures, value contrast, and a selection of types of ephemera to convey the intent of this work.

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